History of The Seekers Trust

The Seekers healing work began in 1925 under the guidance of "Dr Lascelles" through the mediumship of Charles Simpson, our founder.  Initially people consulted and received healing through Mr Simpson.  But as word spread about the miraculous results received, it became impossible to see all those requiring help.  It was at this time that Mr Simpson was instructed, through Dr Lascelles,  to create the Harmony Prayer Circles which continue to this day in the same format laid down by the doctor.

The first prayer circles were held in a converted coal cellar in St. George's Square, the home of Mr and Mrs Simpson.  The same chairs used on that very first prayer circle can be seen in our "George" chapel.

After three years larger premises were needed and eventually 29 Queens Gate was found.  It was at that time that Dr Lascelles gave us the name of "The Seekers".  Three years later the doctor advised them to look for premises outside of London and Addington Park was acquired, comprising 368 acres, a manor house and a working farm.  Over time many people gave whatever they could to bring about the transformation of a country estate into a healing centre.  Through dedication and hard work, the early Seekers converted the stables into our beautiful chapels.  Residential and guest flats were built and the Rose Garden was established.  We thank Dr Lascelles and those early Seekers for their faith in making our city of prayer a reality, a true example of their "love and service" (our motto) which continues to inspire us today. 

The manor house was requisitioned during the war by the RAF and soon fell into disrepair during the hardship of the post war years.  The house suffered a fire and was eventually demolished and sold, along with most of the land, leaving us with the thirty acres we have today.




Addington Place

Charles Simpson (1881-1958), Founder of The Seekers Trust.

Affectionately known as 'Simmie', Charles Simpson was the channel for 'Dr Lascelles', a doctor in spirit. Simmie's first experience of Dr Lascelles was when his first wife lay dying and in great pain in hospital.  Simmie recalls that this was the first time in many years that he had prayed to God.  In the midst of his prayers he appeared to fall asleep and awoke to find his wife smiling at him, her pain had gone and the room seemed full of light.  While he wa seemingly asleep, the voice of Dr Lascelles spoke through him, reassuring his wife that she would remain pain free until her death.  He then took her home from hospital to spend the last day of her life with her four young children.  During this time she remained completely pain free. 

Some years later, while suffering from ill health and depression, his second wife, Brownie, who until then had been against any contact with spirit, urged him to try to make contact with Dr Lascelles.  Evenually his prayers were answered and the doctor simply asked "when is he going to start healing the sick?"  And so began thirty three years of complete selfless dedication to the work. Simmie

Dr Lascelles

Dr Lascelles was a pseudonym.  He had in  previous life been a doctor and chose to further his spiritual advancement by looking for opportunities to serve and use his medical skillls with a love that was lacking in his life on earth.   Thus the link was made with Charles Simpson and their work began.  Not only did the doctor teach us his special method of healing, he also gave many wonderful addresses as to how we can live a more spiritual life.  These Christian addresses which also encompass the teaching of reincarnation and the laws of karma are as relevant today as they were 80 years ago.


And what are The Seekers doing today?

Of course the Harmony Prayer Circles remain the core of our healing work. Apart from a few necessary changes, we carry on in the way prescribed by 'Dr Lascelles'. Every day of the year our prayers go out to help those in need, the power of prayer is as strong today as it was in the beginning as testified by the letters we receive. (See 'Testimonials').

Although there has not been great public acclaim, nonetheless our healing has faithfully continued through the years. At first the focus was on contact healing but once the prayer circles were started it was realised how many more people could be helped by this method. However for those who are able to visit, we continue to offer contact healing, when people have the opportunity for individual attention from our trained healers.

All this is possible through the dedication and commitment of the resident community and friends who faithfully help with the prayer circles and healing.

Nowadays we make more and more use of modern technology for administrative work. For the all important and regular contact with those who link with our prayer circles, we continue to follow 'Dr Lascelles' instructions to 'hand-write' such letters, as this sends a more powerful love vibration. Every phone call receives our personal attention, and no matter how busy, time is always found for anyone in distress.

No one who visits fails to notice the special atmosphere of peace and tranquillity found in our beautiful grounds. Many come to stay in our Guest flats for a quiet holiday or retreat, to relax and unwind and those who use our Halls go away recharged.

Browsing through the books in our well stocked library you may find rare treasures of spiritual truths written long ago but which still appeal to the seeker of today.


The future is not for us to know but we have faith that The Seekers will continue the healing work guided as always by God, His ministering angels and of course 'Dr Lascelles' and Charles Simpson.

Our own visions may not be what will ultimately come to pass but can be blueprints that may evolve and grow in accordance with the divine plan of Love and Service.